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10m high speed miniature laser distance sensor


The TP-FSB-10 miniature laser ranging sensor is one of the smallest and most economical in our company’s distance sensors.  The main features of the product are fast speed measurement, small size, light weight, low power consumption and low cost.  It is used for the detection of fast moving objects and the detection of the surrounding environment by fast moving objects. The maximum measuring speed can arrive 5kHZ. Its measuring accuracy is ±3cm, measuring range is 10m.  The speed, accuracy and detection distance can meet the needs of the vast majority of customers.


It should be used in the fields of drone height and obstacle avoidance, car active collision avoidance, cleaning robot and AGV path planning. In addition, because it can be measured by external timing control, it is convenient for ultra-dense installation. It is the best laser sensor for fast moving road vehicle length, width and height detection and regional human flow detection.

Laser Distance Features:

TP-FSB-10 fast miniature laser distance sensor

  • Measurement range: 0.15~10m
  • Sample  frequency: 5kHZ
  • Can be measured with external timing control (for ultra-dense installation)
  • Adopting class I human eye safety laser,comply with international safety standards
  • Kinds of digital output interfaces: RS232,RS485,TTL, CAN, or IO
  • FS srew terninal for easy connection
  • High waterproof and dustproof performance with aviation grade aluminum alloy shell, the highest protection level IP65
  • A variety of mounting methods and corresponding accessories make the product easier to use
  • Providing complete visual data acquisition and analysis software on our official website.

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10m high speed miniature laser distance sensor



Model No. TP-FSB-10

Items              Parameters
Measuring range ; Absolute accuracy ①  0.15m~10m@20% ;±3cm@10m@100Hz
Measurement repeatability②       ±3cm@10m@100Hz
Maximum measuring speed③       5kHz
Output Interface④ RS232,RS485, TTL,CAN,IO
Minimum resolution 1cm
Laser source Laser diode 905nm, ≤1mW;

Comply with GB7247.1-2001

Class 1 laser eye safety requirements

Power supply DC+5V±10%,<0.5W
Dimensions 30×60×70 mm
Operation temperature range -10℃~ +50℃
Storage temperature range - 20℃ ~ +70℃
Protection level IP65;IEC60529
Weight       75 g


① 10m can be measured in the case of 20% reflectivity

② Refers to measurement frequency is 100Hz,  distance reachs 10m

③The maximum output measurement frequency is 5kHz only at 230400bps

④RS-485 or RS-232 or MOdbus or CAN or IO can be customized