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10m Light curtain laser measurement sensor


TP-FSC-10 light curtain laser sensor is a high-speed ranging sensor that uses the laser time of flight principle to measure object distance. Its main feature is the measuring speed is extremely fast. The time when measuring the distance is less than 0.07 milliseconds, the measuring range is 0.5~10 meters with no target, and the diameter of the light curtain at 10 meters is up to 4 meters. There are many output interfaces, rich supporting software (customized service for customers), low power consumption, small size, easy to install and use.



It is mainly used for the measurement of fast moving objects at a long distance and the measurement of the surrounding environment by fast moving objects. Typical applications are intelligent traffic. It is also widely used in other fields, such as container positioning, elevator operation measuremnet, and electrified railway contact network measurement. The TP-FSC-10 high speed laser distance sensor uses digital gain control technology and other invention patents to enable it to have powerful measurement and control capabilities.

Laser Sensor Features:

TP-FSC-10  light curtain laser measurement sensor

  • Measurement range: 0.5m ~ 10m
  • Light curtain laser output
  • Light curtain  size is 2.5m when the measuring range reaches 10m
  • Measuring repeat frequency up to 14kHz
  • Adopting Class I human eye safety laser, comply with international safety standards
  • 4 digits display distance on the device and easy read data
  • 3 touch buttons to ensure offline operation and easy set up
  • Kinds of digital output  interfaces: RS232, RS485, IO
  • Built-in open ARM platform for user secondary development or custom function according to customer needs
  • FS screw terminal for easy connection
  • Optional telescope adapter or laser pointer to make the installation easier
  • High waterproof and dustproof performance with aviation grade aluminum alloy housing, the highest protection level IP66
  • Provide complete visual data acquisition and analysis software on our official website
  • A variety of mounting methods and a wide range of accessories make the device easy to use
  • Providing fully customized service with our 15+ years industry experiences

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light curtain laser distance sensor
light curtain laser distance sensor application



Model No: TP-FSC-10

Measuring range ; Absolute accuracy ①       0.5m~10m@30% ;±5cm@10m@1kHz
Measurement repeatability ②       ±3cm@10m@1kHz
Maximum measuring speed

(repetition frequency)

Minimum resolution       1cm
Divergence angle of Light curtain 18°(2m@6m 、3.33m@10m)
Highlight digital display       4 Digits
Touch button       3 Buttons
Laser source Laser diode 905nm, ≤1mW;

Comply with GB7247.1-2001

Class 1 laser eye safety requirements

Output Interface RS232、RS485、IO
Power supply DC12V±20%,500mA;

power consumption:≤6W

Operating temperature -10℃~ +50℃
Storage temperature - 20℃ ~ +70℃
Protection level IP66;IEC60529
Dimensions 205×105×70 mm
Weight       1300 g


① It can measure 10 meters when the reflectivity is 30%, and the absolute accuracy is ±5cm when the measurement range reaches 10m and frequency is 1kHz.

② Repeatability is ±3cm when the measurement range reaches 10m and frequency is 1 kHz