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F series 2d laser scanner lidar


F series 2D lidar sensor  is a small, economical 2D laser scanning  lidar newly developed by our company. The main feaures are fast speed measurement, small size, light weight, low power consumption and low cost.

It mainly used in industrial robots for obstacle avoidance and navigation, screen interaction, security gates and human traffic monitoring.


There are 3 models of F series 2d laser scanner lidar. The model  is respectively F6, F10 and F20 .  The same technical principles are used, The only difference is that the scanning range is different.


● Scanning range respectively: 0.05m~6m; 0.05m~10m; 0.05m~40m

● Based on time of flight pulse measurement technology.

● Superior range measurement capability, maximum up to 40m.

● Anti-interference ability: 80000Lux

● Very small measurement spot for accurate detection of small objects with high precision.

● One-piece rotary design, plane error  ±0.06°

● High quality motor, long life and reduced maintenance time.

● Self-developed  LCPA algorithm include algorithms for smoke filtering, particle filtering, mean filtering, median filtering and standard analysis.

● Convenient and fast multi-layer security zone setting.

● Adopt first-level human eye safety protection laser, in line with international stardards.

● Has a varitey of interfaces: USB, Ethernet

● A variety of installation methods and a wealth of accessories, easy to use, easy to secondary development.

● Support remote maintenance and upgrade.



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        Items                    Parameters
       Models                 F6        F10      F20
Scanning range 0.15~6m(10%remission)  0.15~10m(10%remission) 0.05~40m(90%remission)

0.05~ 12(10%remission)

Scanning angle range                                       Radial,280°
Scanning frequency   10Hz~25Hz continuously adjustable, rated 15Hz
Angle resolution1¹     0.18~0.45°, rated 0.27°
Measurement error²     ±3cm
Distance resolution      1cm
Statistical error³     σ≤2cm
I/O interface    4*I/O Outputs &4*I/O  inputs
Setting interface   USB Type-C interface
Laser source  Laser diode 905nm, ≤1mW;Class 1 laser human eyes safety requirements
Power supply  DC12~24V, Starting current>1A  (12V),Power consumption≤4W
Starting time   Less than 3s
Dimensions    62×62×82 mm
Ambient light immunit4 Less than 80,000lx
Operating temperature range   -10℃~ +50℃
Storage temperature range    -20℃~ +70℃
EMC EN 61326-1:2013 EN 61326-2-3:2013
Vibration resistance 10 - 55Hz 1.4mm X, Y, Z direction 2 hours each
Shock resistant 196m/ (20G) X,Y, Z direction 10 times each
Protection level    IP65
Weight    210 g



  1. Angle resolution is affected by the scanning frequency. Angle resolution is smaller when low scanning frequency, point cloud data is denser.
  2.  Measurement error refers to the standard environment of 90% reflectivity (Kodak white) measurement.
  3. Statistical error refers to the error of measuring distance when the lidar scanning plane is parallel to 90% reflectivity (Kodak white).
  4. The difference between the scanning plane and the angle of incoming light needs to be greater than 5degrees.