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TP-FSA-200 High-speed laser distance sensor


TP-FSA-200 TOF rapid laser distance sensor is a new kind of measurement sensor with a very fast sample frequency. It can be used for both the detection to some fast moving objects and the detection to the surrounding enviroment which the fast moving objects located in. It is characterized by fast detectionspeed, high precision and long detection range.



The product has been widely use in many fields such as intelligent transportation, security, and pedestrian flow information detection, etc

Laser Distance Features:

TP-FSA-200 fast laser distance sensor

  • Long measurement range: 0.5~200m
  • Very high sample repetition frequency: up to 14kHZ
  • Adopting class I human eye safety laser,comply with international safety standards
  • Device with 4 digital  display distance
  • Device with 3 touch buttons to ensure offline operation, easy to set
  • Optional telescope adapter or laser pointer to make the installation easier
  • Kinds of digital output interfaces: RS232、RS485 or IO
  • FS srew terninal for easy connection
  • High waterproof and dustproof performance with aviation grade aluminum alloy shell, the highest protection level IP66
  • A variety of mounting methods and corresponding accessories make the product easier to use
  • Providing complete visual data acquisition and analysis software on our official website.


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Model No. TP-FSA-200

Items Parameters
Standard range and

absolute accuracy 1

    0.5m~200m@30% ;          ±5cm@100m@1kHz
Measurement repeatability 2    ±3cm@10m@1kHz
Maximum measuring speed

(repetition frequency)

Output Interface        RS232、RS485 or IO
Minimum resolution               1cm
   Highlight digital display              4 digits
Touch button              3 PCS
Laser source    Laser diode 905nm, ≤1mW;

comply with GB7247.1-2001

Class 1 Laser Eye Safety        Requirements

Power supply      DC12V±20%,500mA,

power consumption≤6W

Dimension       197×105×70 mm
Operating temperature range      -10℃~ +50℃
Storage temperature range      -20℃~ +70℃
Protection level     IP66;IEC60529
Weight      1200 g


① It can measure 200 meters when the reflectivity is more than 30%, and the absolute accuracy is ±5cm when the measurement distance reaches 100m and frequency is 1kHz.

② Repeatability is ±3cm when the measurement range reaches 10 m and frequency is 1 kHz