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S series 5m 10m 2d lidar scanning sensor


S series slam radar range measurment sensor  is a small, economical 2D laser scanning  lidar newly developed by our company. It integrated our fiber compression patent, electromagnetic non-contact rotary patent, passive photoelectric coding patent and other technologies.

It can detect any objects in the 360 degrees and 5 meters or 10m around, and can provide early warning of intrusion behaviors in various types of multi-layered and designated shape areas through flexible settings. Especially the S 10m Lidar sensor  can generate flat point-cloud data of the space where it located in. The point-cloud map data can be applied to fields such as SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping), industrial robot positioning navigation and anti-collision, human traffic detection, and safety zone protection, etc.

There are 2 models to S series 2d lidar laser distance sensor.  The same technical principles are used, but the parameters are difference.


● Measurement range respectively: 0.15m~5m; 0.15m~10m

● TOF (time of flight) laser distance measurement.

● Adopting Class I human eye safety laser, comply with international safety standards.

● The high-power laser emitter uses fiber compression (company patent) for divergence angle compression to make the spot smaller, which greatly improves the detection range.

● The patented electromagnetic non-contact rotary technology and patented passive photoelectric coding technology make the structure simple.

● The machine performance is very stable by using a large-rotor outer rotor motor, which greatly enhances the sense of orientation.

● Filtering the false alarms generated when the LiDAR detects to the edge of the object.

● For the detection of transparent objects, we can distinguish them by the energy return method.

● The ability to remove interference is greatly improved, and the bit error rate is reduced.

● Controlling the start, stop, and rotation speed of the rotating motor through PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation).

● The negative feedback principle is used to stabilize the motor speed in real time, which makes the judge of angles more accurately.

● The TCP/IP or USB output mode can be used for ultra-dense installation with external timing control to form a 3D scan.

● Providing complete visual data acquisition and analysis software on our official website.

● Providing fully customized service with our 15+ years industry experiences.

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                  Items                         Parameters
Model                   5m                  10m
 Distance Measuring        range 1      0.15m~5m@2%        0.15m~10m@10%
Measurement repeatability 2      ±3cm@3m@10Hz         ±3cm@5m@15Hz
Scanning angle range                                       360°
Angle resolution               0.24°                    0.36°
Scanning frequency 3                10Hz                    15Hz
Measurement frequency                 15kHz                   15kHz
Output Interface I/O output; 3×I/O NPN;     I/O input; 2×I/O NPN


TCP/IP (10Mbit)
Distance resolution                                       1cm
Laser source                       Laser diode 905nm, ≤1mW;

comply with GB7247.1-2001

Class 1 Laser Eye Safety Requirements

Power supply    DC9~24V±15%;, Starting current>1.5A (12V),

Power consumption≤4W

Dimension                            77×77×63 mm
Operating temperature range                          -10℃~ +50℃
Storage temperature range                           -20℃~ +70℃
Protection level                                     IP66
Weight 310 g


  1. when the reflectivity of the target is2%,10% respectively , the sensor can measure the maximum range is 5m,10m respectively.
  2. 2.the repeatabilityis ±3cm when the measurement range achieves 3 m or 5m and scanning frequency is 10Hz or 15HZ
  3. The default rotating speed is 10 revolutionsfor 5m and 15revolutions for 10m per a second.