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Xi’an SANKOE Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer from China who provides high performance laser distance sensors and customized service.

Xi’an Zhizun International Trade Co., Ltd. is our partner company for import and export business. TOP1SENSOR.COM is our official e-commerce website to sell SKD series laser distance sensor.

SKD series laser distance sensor is a new kind of non-contact distance measuring equipment. It has many special strengths such as high accuracy, long range and fast measuring speed when it’s integrated in mine, wharf, bridge, tunnel, buildings, and other industrial applications.

At present, there are 3 application directions for SKD series laser distance sensor:

1. High accuracy distance measuring in length, thickness, height measurement and industrial automation control applications.
Recommend products: SKD-20, SKD-50, SKD-100, SKD-200 (measuring accuracy: ±1mm~±3mm, maximum range: 20m~200m).

2. Long range distance measuring in wharf, bridge, electric power system and other outdoor applications.
Recommend products: SKD-300, SKD-600, SKD-1000, SKD-1500. (measuring accuracy: ±0.3m~±1m, maximum range: 300m~1500m).

3. Mini-type laser distance sensor for unmanned-drones, mini robots control and other mini-type device applications.
Recommend products: SKD-20S, SKD-50S. (the smallest laser range meter is as big as a matchbox, its weight is less than 90g).

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