SKD-200H 200m hign speed laser distance sensor

Measuring rang:5~200m , Measuring accuracy:±15cm, Sampling Frequency:850Hz Output:RS232/485 or Analog

Key words:

High Speed Laser Sensor



Detailed Description


SKD-200H is a hign-speed laser distance sensor with cost-effective. Ranging performance can reach up to 200m, the maximum samping frequency is up to 1KHz, it is suitable for measuring fast-moving targets.


● High performance laser measurement module

Long detection range (5m to 200m)

High measuring accuracy (typical precision: ±15cm)

Very high sampling frequency for fast-moving targets (Up to 1kHz)

● Kinds of output types

Digital output: RS232, RS485 (Modbus RTU supported)

Analog output: 4~20mA, 0~10V (will be supported in the updated version)

Switch output: One way or more ways relay switch output (switch threshold can be customized)

● Fast to installing and easy to operating

Using 4 screws can be quickly and firmly installed

Automatic measurement by simple commands from computer

To aim a distant target easily with auxiliary aiming lens or laser pointer (Optional)

● Safety in use

Laser class 2, harmless to the human body (avoid direct eye exposure)

● Long-life and high reliability with good protection

High waterproof and dustproof performance with aircraft grade aluminum alloy shell

● Fully customized service based on 20+ years industry experience


● Traffic flow statistics.

● Vehicle collision avoidance and safety early warning.

● Other industrial measuring and controlled applications.

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SKD-200H Datasheet


Model No


Measuring Range


Measuring accuracy

Typ: ±15cm

Sampling Frequency

850Hz (Up to 1k Hz).

Smallest unit displayed


Laser type


 905nm, <1mw



Measuring mode

Automatically continuous measurement after power on

Output type

RS232 or RS485 serial digital output

Power supply

DC 9~24V/1A

Power consumption


Temperature range

-25℃ to 70℃
-10℃ to 50℃


116×104×51 mm




① Use a target plate to increase the measurement range during daylight or if the target has poor reflection properties.

② Visible laser pointer could be used to help to aim a distant target and shut down by the user.


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