SKD-20D Laser Distance Measurement Sensors

SKD-20D is a high-precision laser measurement device that utilizes laser technology to accurately measure the distance between the sensor and an object within a limited range. This type of laser sensor is commonly used in industrial automation, robotics, and consumer electronic applications where precise distance measurements are essential. The laser beam emitted from the sensor is reflected off the target object and the time it takes for the beam to return to the sensor is calculated to determine the distance. With its fast response time and excellent accuracy, a short range laser distance sensor is ideal for applications that require reliable and consistent distance measurements.

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Laser Distance Measurement Sensor


Detailed Description


SKD-20D laser distance sensor is one of our short rang laser distance sensors. It can measure distance from 0.2m to 20m with +/-2mm accuracy and 3-5Hz sampling frequency.


● Long detection range (0.2~20m)

● High measuring accuracy (typical precision ±2mm)

● Sampling frequency 3~5Hz

● Good waterproof and dustproof performance with aluminum alloy shell (the highest level IP67)

● Easy to use

Automatic measurement by simple commands from computer

● Fast to install

Using 8 screws can be quickly and firmly installed

● Kinds of output type

RS232/485 serial data output

4~20mA/0~5V/0~10V analog current/voltage output

Two-way switch output based on thresholds set by users

● Fully customized service based on 17+ years industry experience

Fields of application

● Industrial automation:  monitoring and positioning of equipments or systems

Industrial metrology: non-contact distance measurement,  length, thickness, height measurement

● Distance measurement in conveyor technology

● Level measurement in container, tanks and silos

● Position monitoring in rail and shippping traffic and in container transport

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SKD-20D datasheet


Model no


Measuring range

0.2m to 20m

Measuring accuracy

Typ: ±2mm

Sampling frequency


Smallest unit displayed


Laser class


Laser type


Laser beam diameter approx.
-at 10m distance
-at 50m distance



Measuring mode
-trigger measuring
-continuous measuring



Operation mode

commands by computer

Output mode

RS232 or RS485 or TTL serial digital output

Power supply

DC 9~24V/1A

Power consumption


Temperature range


-25℃ to 70℃
-10℃ to 50℃






① Use a target plate to increase the measurement range during daylight or if the target has poor reflection properties.

② The highest operating temperature is 40℃ when sensor works in continuous measuring mode. The operating temperature from -30℃to 50℃ or -30℃to 70℃can be customized.


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