SKS-40S 2D Lidar

Ranging distance:0.1-40m , Laser frequency:18khz, Scanning frequency:10hz,15hz Ranging accuracy:±30mm

Key words:

2d lidar


Detailed Description


SKS-40S 2D Lidar can 360° Rotate without dead angle, omni-directional scanning and ranging detection, so as to obtain the contour map of the surrounding environment. It's measuring range is up to 40m radius, meet the application needs of more and larger scenarios. The lidar can also provide perfect early warning and obstacle avoidance solution for AGV anti-collision early warning. Users can freely set different alarm area as per the actual requirements.


● Long lifetime

● High precision: +/-30mm

● 360 degree roration

● Long range measurement: 0.1-40m

● High Anti-Interference

● Outdoor use

● IP67 waterproof

● Multiple denfence zones can be set 

● Measuring range up to 40m radius, to meet the needs of larger scenarios.

● Flexible output state can be set. 4 switch outputs, 4 switch inputs, data can be output via Ethernet port or USB port, DC10-26v power supply, low power consumption.

Application fields

● Suitable for short distance home service robots.

● 360° indoor robot obstacle avoidance.

● Environment scanning and 2D reconstruction.

● Service robots, cleaning robots, toy robots, etc. positioning, obstacle avoidance and navigation.

● Detection of the flow of people in a complicated environment.


SKS-40S 2D Lidar


Product Features


Laser Wavelength


Laser divergence Angle

<2.5 mrad

Horizontal Laser Parallelism


Distance Measuring Range

0.1m to 40m (White Target)

0.1m to10m (Diffuse Reflectance10% )

Ranging Accuracy


Ranging Resolution


Echo Intensity

0-254The higher the number, the stronger the intensity

Scanning Angle


Scanning Frequency


Angular Resolution


Structural/Electronic Parameters


Input Output Interface

Power Supply+ I/O

Supply Voltage

DC10V-DC 26V

Power Consumption


Level of Protection

The body supports IP67 standard, wireIPX5

External Size

88mm*68mm*59mm(length * width * height, not including wire)



Prevention Area Function


Scope of Prevention Area


Recognizing Shapes

Any Shape

Regional Group Quantity


Number of Regions Per Group

Each group is divided into three areas: observation area, warning area and alarm area



Data Communication Interface



Serial Port

It can set the prevention area, speed,wave rate,accuracy correction, actively report fault information, etc

Response Time


Environmental Parameters



10-55Hz, amplitude 0.75mm, XYZ triaxial, 2 hours per axis; 50-200Hz,196m/s²(20G), scanning speed 2min/ cycle,XYZ  triaxial, 2 hours per axis;

Operating Temperature

-10to +50

Storage Temperature

-30to +70

Light Resistance



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