SKD-40D 40m laser distance sensor

Measuring Range:0.2m ~ 40m , Measuring accuracy:±2mm, Sampling Frequency: 3~5Hz , Output:RS232 or RS485 or Analog

Key words:

Laser Distance Measurement Sensor


Detailed Description


The SKD-40D is a new kind of laser measurement sensor which can measure distance from 0.2  up to 40 meters without contact.  A  measured target can be clearly indentified by a red laser sighting point. Using time of flight principles, it measures distance on natural surfaces with a precision of ±2mm. The SKD-40D distance laser sensor has a compact IP67 standard aluminum shell and it can be operated at -10-50℃ ambinet temperatures.

It is the update of SKD-20D laser measurement sensor. It has more reliable and stable performance. Designed for high accuracy distance measuring in length, thickness, height measurement and industrial automation control applications.

The excellent price-performance ratio is another advantage of the SKD-40D laser distance sensor.



● Long detection range (0.2~40m)

● High measuring accuracy (typical precision ±2mm)

● Sampling frequency 3~ 5Hz

● Good waterproof and dustproof performance with aluminum alloy shell (the highest level IP67)

● Safety in use

Laser class 2, harmless to the human body (avoid direct eye exposure)

● Easy to use

Automatic measurement by simple commands from computer

● Fast to install

Using 8 screws can be quickly and firmly installed

● Kinds of output type

RS232 /485/TTL serial data output

4~20mA/0~5V/0~10V analog current/voltage output

Two-way switch output based on thresholds set by users

● Fully customized service based on 20+ years industry experience


Fields of application

● Industrial automation:  monitoring and positioning of equipments or systems

● Industrial metrology: non-contact distance measurement,  length, thickness, height measurement

● Distance measurement in conveyor technology

● Level measurement in container, tanks and silos

● Position monitoring in rail and shippping traffic and in container transport

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SKD-40D datasheet


Model no


Measuring Range

0.2m to 40m

Measuring accuracy

Typ: ±2mm

Sampling Frequency


Smallest unit displayed


Laser class


Laser type


Laser beam diameter approx.
-at 10m distance
-at 50m distance



Measuring mode
-trigger measuring
-continuous measuring



Operation mode

commands by computer

Output mode

RS232 or RS485 or TTL serial digital output

Power supply

DC 9~24V/1A

Power consumption


Temperature range


-25℃ to 70℃
-10℃ to 50℃






① Use a target plate to increase the measurement range during daylight or if the target has poor reflection properties.

② The highest operating temperature is 40℃ when sensor works in continuous measuring mode. The operating temperature from -30℃to 50℃ or -30℃to 70℃can be customized.


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