Laser Distance Measurement Sensor

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SKD-20D Laser Distance Measurement Sensors

SKD-20D is a high-precision laser measurement device that utilizes laser technology to accurately measure the distance between the sensor and an object within a limited range. This type of laser sensor is commonly used in industrial automation, robotics, and consumer electronic applications where precise distance measurements are essential. The laser beam emitted from the sensor is reflected off the target object and the time it takes for the beam to return to the sensor is calculated to determine the distance. With its fast response time and excellent accuracy, a short range laser distance sensor is ideal for applications that require reliable and consistent distance measurements.

SKD-40D 40m laser distance sensor

Measuring Range:0.2m ~ 40m , Measuring accuracy:±2mm, Sampling Frequency: 3~5Hz , Output:RS232 or RS485 or Analog